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Rent Guarantee Program

RedFox has partnered with key rental insurance providers to help eliminate the financial and emotional burden of tenant non-payment, late payment, tenant eviction, and property damages.

By working with our insurance providers, you can rest assured knowing that your property will be protected and you will be financially covered.

What is covered under the rental insurance program?

Rent Default

If your tenant refuses to pay rent, our insurance providers will handle the entire eviction process for you. If your tenant can’t pay rent, our providers will be able to work with the tenant to offer a loan to help them get back on track.

Late Rent

If your tenant doesn’t pay rent on the first of the month, the insurance provider will pay you, and contact the tenant to catch up on rent.

Early Vacancy

If your tenant does not provide proper notice before leaving your property or disappears overnight, the insurance provider will pay the rent for up to 6 months while you find a new tenant.

Property Damage

If your tenant, their guests or their pets cause damage to your property, you will receive monetary compensation for damages.